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The main goal of the social and economic development of the Shchuchin region is to improve the standard of living through sustained economic growth and improving the efficiency of the real sector of the economy.
The Shchuchin district has a significant industrial and production potential.
There are five industrial enterprises operating in the region, excluding small businesses.
Shchuchin district accounts for about 2.5% of Grodno region's industrial production.
The industrial sector is dominated by the food industry (66.7%), as well as machinery and metalworking (25.5%).
The main production direction of the agricultural sector of the region is meat and dairy, with growing of crops, potatoes and sugar beet.
The products of the enterprises of our region in terms of their technical characteristics and reliability are quite competitive both in the domestic market and in foreign markets.
Over 500 retail trade facilities and 42 public catering facilities operate in the district.
Also more than 600 individual entrepreneurs operate.

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