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Shchuchin District Executive Committee:
11 Svobody Square,
Shchuchin, 231513
Phone: 8-(015-14)-28270


The structure of the district health system is represented by 1 central district hospital, 2 municipal hospitals, 2 district hospitals, 6 general practitioners' clinics, 19 feldsher-midwife points, and 14 pharmacies. 
Among the measures to improve the accessibility and quality of medical care, one of the key places is the introduction of a substitution therapy hospital: in-patient hospitals, day hospitals, outpatient departments on the basis of hospital facilities. The material and technical base of the health care institution is being strengthened. 
In the health facilities of the district, the conditions for patients' stay in the hospital are constantly improving: 

- in 2012-2014, a major overhaul of the therapeutic department; 

- in 2013 the Pervomaysk hospital and an outpatient clinic were put into operation;

- In 2015, major repairs of the cardiological and neurological departments were carried out, the repair of the women's consultation; 

- In 2016-2017, a major overhaul of the pediatric department was carried out. 

Re-equipment of health facilities of the district with medical equipment and medical devices is under way. Medical and social assistance is developing. For the elderly, including those who are single, suffering from chronic diseases and needing not only and not so much in treatment as in medical supervision and care. Nursing care units are being established.