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Shchuchin District Executive Committee:
11 Svobody Square,
Shchuchin, 231513
Phone: 8-(015-14)-28270

General information

Characteristics of the district
Shchuchyn district is located in the northwest part of the Grodna region, in the west of the East European Plain. The largest part of the district territory is in borders of the Lida plain, the southern suburb is in borders of the Verkhnenemansk lowland. The surface of the district is planofibrous with the lands of madder hills and wide swampy river valleys. The highest point of the district territory is 196 m above the sea level (near Vialikaje Mazheykava village), the lowest mark is in the south of the district and makes up 109 m (the Neman's edge) 
The Neman River with the Lebiada inflow and the Kotra inflow (with the Niavisha and the Spushanka) flow across the territory of the district. The greatest lakes are the Bershtauskaye (with the area of 1,68, the Dougaye (0,5, the Zubrauskaye (0,1 There are about 31 swamps in the district (the greatest are Garachy Bor and Tseliavichy).
The average temperature in January is 5,4 degrees Celsius below zero, in July it is 17,9 degrees Celsius above zero. About 550 mm of downfall drops out per year. The wood covers 32% of the territory of the district (mainly in the north western part of the district), agricultural grounds occupy 53,8% of the territory. Their soil is soddy-podzolic (47,8%), soddy-podzolic and swampy (23,6%), soddy and calcareous swampy (18,4%), flood-plain (1,4%), peat and boggy (8,8%). In the north Shchuchin district borders on the Republic of Lithuania, in the west it borders on Grodna district, in the east and in the south it borders on Voranava, Lida, Dzyatlava and Masty districts of Grodna region. 
The minerals are peat, sand-gravel material, chalk, mortar sands, brick raw materials, sapropels and clay. The railroad Masty - Lida, the highways Grodna - Lida, Masty – Shchuchyn - Astryna-Radun pass across the territory of the district. 
The district is formed on January 15, 1940. Since September 20, 1944 it has been a part of Grodno region. The area is 1,9 thousand The district ennumerates 438 settlements, including the town of Shchuchyn (the center of the district), city settlements of Astryna and Zhaludok. 
The population of the district is 40130 people (for January 1, 2017). 
There 11 village councils in the territory of the district: Astryna, Vasilishki, Dzembrava, Zhaludok, Kamenka, Lyadsk, Mazheykava, Orlya, Pershamajsk, Razhanka, Shchuchyn.